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Whether it’s Mandavilla or Bougainvillea, your customers usually have their favorites when it comes to trellised vines. We continue to experiment with new vine varieties, look for the Dutchman’s Pipe and the one gallon Mandavilla in Crimson and White, coming soon. If your customers would like a fast covering vine you might suggest a Blue Sky Vine as they are extremely rapid growers. For the butterfly gardener, there is nothing quite as alluring as the "Passion Vine," especially the Caerulea Blue Passion. Our diverse color selection of Bougainvillea will add brilliant hues to your garden center. The Bougainvillea may not ship well, but with a good bloom booster fertilizer they will be ready for resale in no time at all. When it comes to the selection of trellised vines, Gray’s is hard to surpass.

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Blue Sky
"Barbara Karst"
Confederate Jasmine
"Alice Dupont'
"Mini Crimson"
Blue Sky Vine
Bougainvillea_Barbara Karst
Confederate Jasmine
Mandavilla_ Alice Dupont
Mandavilla_Mini Crimson

" White"
" Giant Crimson"
Passion Vine
"Lady Margaret"
Passion Vine
"Caerulea Blue"
Passion Vine
Mandavillea _White
Mandavillea_Giant Crimson
Passion Vine _Lady Margaret
Passion Vine_Blue
Passion Vine_Inspiration
Let us know if you don't see what you're looking for, and maybe we can locate it.

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