Wholesale Ornamental Tropical Plants


We pride ourselves on shipping!

We are certified to ship in ALL states (excluding California). With years of service to the nursery industry, we have the logistical resources to meet your shipping needs. Whether shipping locally in Florida, Canada or the Caribbean, our staff has the skills necessary to ensure that the highest quality material will be delivered in a timely and professional manner.
In-State Deliveries
We operate our own fleet of 5 boxed trucks , therefore we are able to ship most areas in Florida within 48 hours. Our drivers are knowledgeable, friendly and committed to our customers. Our trucks are equipped with rolling racks for easier unloading. Chances are one of our trucks is traveling down the highway now!
Out-of-State Deliveries
Whether you have your own LTL carrier or would like us to handle your shipping, we know how shipping prices can affect your bottom line. Our shipping team will maximize truck space and find shipping solutions on an individual customer basis. Although keeping costs down is a top priority we guarantee to not sacrifice product quality. Year after year, independent retail garden centers and wholesalers come back to Gray's Ornamentals.

The Islands you say?!
We have all of the neccesary experience in shipping containers to the Islands. We will order inspections and provide phyto-sanitary certifications with every order we ship to the East and West Caribbean, Grand Cayman, Puerto Rico or West Indies.


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